Welcome To The Outreach House

Welcome To The Outreach House

Welcome To The Outreach House

assisting our neighborhood families with grace & compassion


a history of meeting the needs of those in our community who are
the smallest and the most vulnerable

What is FirstThingsFirst?

First Things First serves children ages 0-3 by addressing the basic care needs that are a part of the first stage of life. In addition to agency referrals, we supply families with “Baby Basics” such as diapers, infant and toddler food, shampoo, soap and other necessities, including clothing. When you give diapers and clothing to a family, you find that giving a little helps a lot. The cost of diapers strains limited family incomes. Nor having access to diapers also disqualifies working families from needed services such as child care.

How Many Do We Help?

First Things First serves approximately 175 families per year representing an estimated 250 children under age 3.

Walk-In Ministries

What is Walk-In Ministries?

Because families need social support and security in their neighborhoods, we also sponsor The Walk-In Ministry of Lombard and Villa Park. This program provides compassionate emergency financial assistance to individuals and families in need in our community.

How Many Do We Help?

Walk-in Ministry serves approximately 600 households each year representing approximately 900 persons

Meet Our Team

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Kris DeSmedt

Outreach house coordinator

Becky Kirsh



Fritz Geiger

vice president


Marianne McGuire



Mary Dove



Denise Dabish

Fundraising coordinator


Rachel Foltyneiwicz

Amy Thorpe

Bridget Hoffman

Cathy Angelos


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Kiwanis Club of

LOVE Christian

Hester Bury

Director of Corporate and

Foundation Giving

Northern Illinois Food Bank has worked with the Outreach House for many years, as they have developed their programs to help low-income families in Lombard and Villa Park. They provide much needed support, especially for families with young children, who are struggling to make ends meet and bring up their children in a safe and secure home.

Their Volunteers are efficient and compassionate and treat clients with dignity, which is so important for families to feel welcome when they come to the center for help.

We are a proud supporter of First Things First, a local organization that also helps both children and their parents. The group is made up of volunteers that help with basic needs such as food, clothing & necessities for young mothers with babies. They give out over 2000 diapers a each month to mothers who are at poverty level.

We often partner with First Things First and the Walk in Ministry in Lombard/Villa Park. First Things First has proven to be invaluable for the residents in the area who cannot pay for necessary items such as diapers, formula, and other items for our youngest and most vulnerable human beings.

Our Partners

These are our partners in providing compassionate services to our families

News & Events

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Or come visit us at:  24 West Ash Street Lombard, Illinois 60148   •   Call (630) 693-0185

Who We Are

The Outreach House serves low-income and working poor residents of Lombard and Villa Park, with a focus on families with children 5 and under. The past decades of research tell us that from birth to age 5, the brain is primed for learning and growing. We value families, and we know that the best time to offer help to a family is when a child is young.

The Outreach House consists of two supportive agencies: 
First Things First and Walk-in Ministries

Our History

The Outreach House finds its origins in a collaboration that sought to coordinate support for community members needing emergency assistance. As a result of this collaboration, the Walk-In Ministry of Lombard and Villa Park was established in 1997 on the campus of First Church of Lombard, UCC. In answer to a clear need for support for families with children under 3 years of age, The Outreach House was formed when First Things First opened in 1999. Its offering of infant care goods and referrals to partner agencies and local school district programming is an unduplicated service in DuPage County. In 2004, the Walk-In Ministry became also became a program of The Outreach House, helping to ensure that families with children have immediate access to emergency financial assistance. While The Outreach House continues to work with faith communities to coordinate community care, the agency is an independent, 501 (C)3

How We Help

The Outreach House is a safe haven for individuals in a time of crisis and for families who want to give their children a good start in life. Our trained volunteer staff offer the support needed to quickly aid clients with baby and child necessities well as emergency assistance if needed. Further, our volunteers help clients connect with the correct agencies that can address specific needs from food aid to housing to early childhood education. This process is handled onsite and can eliminate the time and travel of going to an agency to apply for assistance that may not be an appropriate fit.

Why Do Families Come to Outreach House? The Impact of Our Volunteers. Baby supplies don't just fill a financial need. They are also a way for reaching out. Parents come to First Things First when their children are newborns. As a result, our volunteers are often a parent's first connection to community services, a connection transcends income, ages, and languages. Our volunteers couple their understanding of a child's needs with warmth and practical knowledge about neighborhood resources.                                                                                          DOWNLOAD THE EXAMPLE OF "HOW WE HELP" PDF  >>>

Our Mission



24 West Ash Street Lombard, Illinois 60148

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